The emotions company

Collect employee and customer emotions, easily and safely

Understand the emotional impact of your business decisions, at scale



One number to track

Like the Net Promoter Score™ used to track customer satisfaction, the Net Emotional Index™ tracks how the staff emotional state impacts the workplace environment, company culture, and employee turnover.

The Net Emotional Index™ is a single number between -100 and +100 that tells you how happy – or unhappy – your staff truly are.

Rapid Deployment

There is no additional software or mobile apps. The technology works with existing smartphone apps – SMS and the emoji keyboard. Just respond to a text message with a single emoji.

Real-time emotion analysis

Emojis quickly indicate a person’s current emotional state. Respond to an emotional pulse in seconds.

Try the real-time emotion sampling for yourself. Text “Hi” to (972) 945-9735.