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Support your team when you can’t be by their side

53% of remote workers are worried about being left out and unsupported,* leaving them at a higher risk for burn-out.

Replacing in-person interactions that used to drive connections requires proactive empathy. Mindful Appy gives managers the empathetic tools they need to better support remote workers.

Empathy skills are key to:

  • Employees feeling valued

  • Thriving cultures

  • High performing teams

  • Increased profits and reduced attrition

Mindful Appy is your partner for technology, data and coaching that helps you connect with your employees to keep them supported and included.


The Mindful Appy dashboard can quickly show you the Net Emotion Score for each group so you can pinpoint problems before they become one.


Participate in a Study

Keeping remote employees connected and engaged is difficult. Most managers lack the communication training to proactively support their teams. With the right data you can change that story.

If your company qualifies, you can take part in a 6 week study to discover the information you’re missing when the video meeting ends.

Mindful Appy’s anonymous and automated system gathers and reports employee feedback using the most common way they express themselves: emojis.



 Get more information on how a six-week study would work for your business