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The Mindful Appy team is so pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast – Feelings Matter.

Our mission is to demystify everything about emotions. Helping us all get more comfortable talking about them. Join Mindful Appy’s founder, Tina Schweiger, and Michelle Stinson Ross as they unpack a new angle on emotions, draw on the science of the human brain, and delve into the psychology of human nature.

There is so much to talk about when it comes to the science of emotion, and yes, there is a science to this. It is our hope that by taking a deep dive into education around feelings, emotion, mental health, and mindfulness that we can help individuals learn emotional awareness skills and help businesses fine tune their company culture to be a healthy workplace environment.

The episode above is a preview of what you can expect when we launch the first full episodes on March 16, 2021.

“Feelings matter because so often they don’t. We’ve all had experiences in the workplace that could have been avoided if feelings had mattered more.”

It is our hope that as we discuss feelings in general and how science and technology can help us understand emotion, that we can help people become more aware of their own emotions and develop skills to empathize with others.

“Toxic workplace environment is an umbrella statement for something is going on that is making everyone feel really bad.”

The good news is that when businesses can exercise empathy at the corporate level a toxic environment can be turned around. That same organizational empathy can ease the path to diversity and inclusion, stop harassment and bullying, improve employee retention, and cut the cost of workforce turnover.

“My two-year-old looked at me and asked, ‘Mommy, are you in your lizard brain?’”

This podcast has a little something for everyone, because EVERYONE has feelings. Learning how to be more aware of them and process that emotion can help us all to be better parents, life partners, co-workers … human beings.

“When you stop thinking about it as some elusive intelligence that you’re just born with, and start thinking about it as YOUR feelings and that they do matter, then you move into dealing with emotion from a mindfulness perspective.”

Much of positive psychology and good mental health revolves around emotional awareness and mindfulness. The key to managing stress, taming anxiety, and moving out of depression begins with understanding the links between mind and body. We can experience emotion as physical sensations. Sometimes those physical sensations trigger fight/flight/freeze in our nervous systems. Understanding mental health from this prospective removes much of the stigma attached to it in our society and in our workplaces.

“Can we actually measure emotion?”

Yes, emotion can be measured. The amazing thing is that advancements in technology have made this easier and more effective. Surveys are time consuming and they aren’t always answered with full authenticity. We as humans are always going to wonder what answers do the survey takers want to hear 🙂 If we combine proven research techniques like the Experience Sampling Method with smartphone technology, we can collect emotional data that is consistently authentic and useful. Apply that kind of data to the Positive and Negative Affect Schedule (PANAS) and we start to measure emotion in ways that are meaningful and actionable.

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By Michelle Stinson Ross, Writer for Mindful Appy

I’m currently practicing as a digital strategist and marketer, and applying mindful practices to marketing communication and storytelling.