For Executives

When you pay attention to how your team feels, you are able to make positive changes.

Mindful Appy is the only software suite for emotions

Collect Emotional Data Anonymously

Review emotional state by team, department, group, or region

Mindful Appy preserves the psychological safety of individual employees while empowering them to express their feelings.

“Companies that prioritize psychological safety avoid worker burnout, retain top talent, and perform better”

– Erica Sweeny, Business Insider 

Mindful Appy’s collection and reporting is anonymous, encouraging a psychologically safe work environment.


Anonymous and Transparent

After a participant shares their feeling with an emoji, they can click a link on their phone to view the aggregated anonymous results of their group if they want to!

Get Recommendations

The Mindful Appy software suite analyzes emotional data and provides actionable recommendations to solve your people issues:

  • Create greater diversity and inclusion

  • Stop harassment and bullying

  • Improve employee retention

  • Cut the cost of workforce turnover

When you sign up for Mindful Appy, for a limited time, you will receive a complimentary consultation with a Master’s Degree I/O Psychology Practitioner 


Feelings Matter.

“I believe companies suffer from excessive attrition and toxic workplaces that drive out the best of the best. It is time for businesses to recognize that people’s feelings are complex and that they matter and should be safely monitored. The NEI is the one number you need to know.”

– Tina Schweiger, CEO