How are they doing, really?

Understand if your employees feel like they belong, no matter where they work.

Did you know?

  • 70% of culture initiatives fail. Don’t spend money and time on things that don’t work.

  • 53% of remote workers are worried about being left out and unsupported, leaving them at a higher risk for burn-out.

  • Companies lose $450 – $550 Billion in productivity from disengaged employees… those who have quit but haven’t yet left.

You can’t measure what you can’t see and emotions are hard to measure.

At Feelalytics, we figured out just how to measure emotions.

Quiet Quitting is an opportunity to take action on employee emotional health.

Feelalytics does what no other platform can do – we quantify the emotional state of teams at scale. We provide a psychologically safe, truly anonymous way for employees to express how they feel on a daily basis. And then we roll it up into one single number – the Net Emotion Score (NES) that can provide you with a leading indicator for culture and engagement problems. This gives you a chance to address those issues before they become big, expensive problems. 

Burnout and the Great Resignation

Burnout and the Great Resignation

Workplace culture is as complicated and nuanced as each individual business. The realities of how culture is expressed in communication, power dynamics, and interpersonal behavior varies widely from team to team even within the same company. Picking apart the causes of stress and burnout requires much more data than most companies collect from their workforce.

Experience sampling, not surveys, can get to the heart of chronic stress and burnout and provide the feedback to effectively change workplace culture.

Stressed: How Remote Working Impacts Mental Health

Stressed: How Remote Working Impacts Mental Health

Working from home doesn’t have to be a horror movie. Sure the constant bombardment of home and work tasks may feel like the phone booth scene from The Birds, and the sheer isolation may make your house seem like the Overlook Hotel, but if we all just take some time for ourselves, and set some boundaries, we might just make it out of this alive.