Feelalytics for Video

What if there was a way to ensure that all of the time and money spent on the production and placement of video creative is well spent? That you are consistently striking the right emotional chord with your audience?

Feelalytics can capture, measure, and report on emotional reactions to videos and provide quantitative data analytics that shows exactly how people are reacting to the content you, your team, or your consultants are creating.

image of the net emotion index dashboard displayed on a laptop


Participants representative of the target audience are asked to watch a video and click on an emoji when they feel something about the content. The custom-designed emoji keyboard balances 24 positive, negative, and neutral reactions.

These time-stamped reactions provide insights into which parts of the video are working, or not working, and why.

Competitive Comparison

The Competitive Comparison provides a net emotion score, sentiment balance, and an emotion block for a set of videos. The purpose is to either compare several videos to determine which are the most appropriate for distribution or compare your video messaging against a competitor’s.

The data output includes:

  • Net Emotion Score (NES) for each video in the comparison set. This provides a quick and easy-to-read understanding of how well each video creates brand affinity.
  • Sentiment Balance for each video in the comparison set. This provides an overview of how much positive, negative, and neutral feedback each video received.
  • Emotions Block for each video in the comparison set. This provides a detailed view of emotional responses so that you have the context of what feelings are driving the NES and Sentiment.

Competitive Comparison helps you to be certain before you pay for video content placement that the message is creating the intended reaction.

Targeting Matrix

The Targeting Matrix provides Net Emotion Scores by audience segments. This Matrix gives you results for one or a set of videos. The scoring is color coded for easy interpretation, red for -100, yellow for the neutral range between -10 and +10, and green for really high positive +80 to +100.

The emotional data provides insight based on the target audience, demographic, and any other segmentation parameters you want to test.  Enabling you to use more of your video content with the appropriate audience segments.

Production Refinement

Production Refinement provides emotional data for every moment in a specific video. Audience reactions are mapped to second-by-second timestamps and provide the specific emotions people report feeling in that moment of the video.

The data output for Production Refinement can be used at any stage of video production, whether that’s a video in rough draft form, animatics, or storyboards. It can also be used to refine the script, a part of a feature-length video, or any part of the production process all the way up to a completed video.

The data output includes:

  • Time-stamped emotional feedback. Above the line is positive. Below the line is negative. The color key highlights the specific emotions reported at every moment in the video.
  • Key Moments. Using screen capture, we provide a breakdown of which moments get clicked most, which parts people like the most, which parts of the video are the most polarizing, and which parts of the video people agree with the most. The data can also determine where an audience feels the most confused or skeptical.

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