Are your cultural initiatives

really working?

Get to the heart of your culture and understand if your employees feel like they belong, no matter where they work.

Belonging is a feeling and therefore a far more powerful force than any D&I strategy could ever be. It’s a fundamental human need, a word that translates across any language or culture, and a feeling that every human is wired to want. The best thought-out D&I strategies will go so much further in cultures where people feel they belong because when we’re seen and valued for who we really are — our own unique and authentic selves — we thrive, and so do the people around us. Anita Sands – March 26, 2019 for her article in Medium

Workplace Belonging Study

Institutional culture change is difficult and very few organizations succeed with new culture initiatives. With the right data, you can change that story.

Create an 8-week belonging study to discover the roadblocks in the way of culture change.

  • Are you addressing the right issues?

  • Are team leaders & managers able to implement changes within their teams?

  • Are employees across the company benefiting from the changes?

Feelalytics is an anonymous and automated system that gathers and reports employee feedback using the most common way they express themselves: emojis.

Your customer Workplace Belonging Study would include:

  • Kickoff meeting: We will hold an initial kickoff meeting with your organization to plan the details of the engagement and set metrics for success. During this meeting we will discuss:

    • Goals and expectations for the belonging study
    • Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to track progress throughout the engagement
    • Identify a segmentation plan for breaking the entire staff into meaningful groupings
    • Set times and dates for interim meetings
    • Decide on study dates
  • Question Refinement

    • Aspects of Belonging:
      • Feel proud to work here
      • Feeling understood as a person
      • Feeling connected with others
      • Feeling respected
      • Feeling like you matter
      • Feeling like you belong
      • Feel like you have a voice and it’s heard
      • Feel like you have a future where you can continue belonging
    • Question revisions: We will work with you to revise and finalize a set of questions that measure the different aspects of belonging. Our experienced team will help ensure that the questions are relevant and appropriate for your organization.

  • Weekly Reporting

    • Weekly email: We will deliver a weekly email to your organization, providing the results from the past week’s survey and insights found. This will help you track progress and identify any areas of concern or opportunity.

  • Final Report

    • Final report: At the conclusion of the study, we will provide a final report that highlights which areas of belonging your organization is strongest in and which aspects of belonging need improvement. This report will be customized to your organization’s needs and will include actionable insights to help you address any areas of concern.

Launch a Feelalytics Workplace Belonging Study

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Belonging Case Study

We recently partnered with Per Scholas to help them understand and improve the sense of belonging for their employees spread across 25 campuses all over the US.

Watch the video to learn more and request a copy of the case study.